Bricole-age – or the lagoon in a bootle

Seth Denizen’s project “Bricole-age” takes on the public infrastructure of channel markers in the Venetian Lagoon.
“According to the Istituto Veneto, there are 6,768 channel markers in the Venetian Lagoon, each composed of at least three sixteen-foot oak posts about a foot in diameter. The exact number of these individual posts, called “bricola” (plural: bricolē), is unknown but could be as many as 90,000. On average, these posts last only six years before they must be replaced at a cost to the city and municipality of over four million Euros per year. In a city that is already drowning in maintenance costs, this represents a significant problem. Existing proposals call for the replacement of the historic wooden bricole with plastic replicas, estimated to have a lifespan of at least 10 years. Rather than seeking to imitate how the bricole look, this proposal seeks to understand how the bricole work, as a starting point for generating a proposal. This requires an understanding of the material and cultural history of Venice and its lagoon, as well as the economic and ecological balance that has been so essential to the success of the city. Much like the city itself, it is at the intersection of these forces that we find the bricole.”

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