urbanRESET Suedkreuz Berlin

Camillo Sitte Meets Rober Venturi at the high speed rail hub in Berlin-Suedkreuz. A new hybrid hub binds together the deregulated space flow with a scence of place.


Europan9 proposal with Anna Viader and Joachim Schultz

As a result of structural transformation many European industrial and infrastructure sites and residential areas have relapsed into vacant lots. Using exemplary projects urbanRESET succinctly describes the reactivation of these large-scale relicts, and demonstrates how the reinterpretation and reactivation of inert urban zones has evolved into a distinct category of urban-planning.

Angelus Eisinger, Nina Brodowski, Jörg Seifert (Ed.): Urban Reset
How to Activate Immanent Potentials of Urban Spaces
ISBN 978-3-0346-0776-6 ENG/DE
EUR net 39.90 / US$ 49.95

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