Landscapes of Risk

Placing Bets

This project explores the current landscape of the Atchafalaya basin and proposes an adjusted future using the tool and the metaphor of the board game.

Board games are rule-based and internally consistent, they are reductive like a diagram, they are dynamic (one board, multiple sets of rules), they are transparent, accessible, and understandable by people of different disciplines and levels of education, and they are emergent/generative in that the logic of a game reveals itself over time.

From small ring-levee towns like Melville, LA, where 41 people possess federal insurance, to vast swaths of marsh interwoven with an impossible tangle of existing oil pipelines, the landscape of the Atchalaya basin is characterized by a blend of the perverse and the absurd.  Learning to live with risks from flooding and waste exposure will take a fundamental shift in the rules underlying the landscape.

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