ARCH+ Magazin features awarded projects and essay on Urban Soils and ERUV


Fall 2013 issue of Arch+ features awarded and recognized projects of UVa landscape architectures graduates. In this issue  the results of an international competition call out of balance are showcased. The project Urban Soil in the Anthropocene by Seth Denizen received a first prize. The project ERUV  by Rae Vassar, Issac Cohen and Issac Hametz was recognized and selected for publication. A joint essay on ERUV as a signifier for the production of space will provide theoretical framework of the project work.

The two research projects indicate the diversity of the research conducted in the program. They are analytic and interpretative in character and open up significant new territories for future design in the discipline. Its also remarkable how both project surpass the call’s bias of quantitative assessment and provide an alternative qualitative approach that turns out to be more compelling in revealing insights in present urban conditions being out of balance.



Published by: paradoXcity

Jorg Sieweke is licensed as landscape architect and urban designer in Berlin. He founded and directs the design-research initiative paradoXcity in 2010. He held professorships at University of Virginia and Visiting professor at RWTH Aachen and HCU Hamburg in Germany. He was fellow at Villa Massimo the German academy in Rome in 2015. His award winning firm challenges convention of practice in landscape architecture to establish its own trajectory of a landscape & urbanism. His PhD reflects the paradigm.

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