Daily Mowing Updates: Tempelhof Freiheit!

As part of our DMY Exhibit this week, we are creating a scaled version of our proposal at Tempelhof. Close to the Western entrance we have established a point grid and have begun testing our proposal by mowing circles, ranging up to 120 feet in diameter. Each day we will mow more, allowing the programmable spaces to accumulate, overlap and disappear. Our objective is to empower park users and DMY participants to “mow their own” space; creating an armature for flexible programming and incorporating park users in the design process.

For more information, or to check out the DMY website where we exhibited our work this week please follow this link: http://dmy-berlin.com/en/festival_2013/central_exhibition/jorg-sieweke-paradoxcity


In addition to our beloved hand mower, we had the following tools: tools

15 stakes, 18.3 meters/60 feet of string, a hammer, and chalk

Jorg and I hard at work (notice the iconic Tempelhof building in the background of the photo of the right):

IMG_2125_color editIMG_3582 color edit


Today the poles arrived and we transported them to our site in order to indicate the center of each circle and make visible the point grid.  Each pole is 6 feet tall, making for some very interesting encounters while transporting them on the train.

IMG_3625edit IMG_3648edit

Today was great because we reached a wide range of ages at the DMY festival (below is Daniel age 7):


We we joined by our new friend Livius Haerer, who helped us mow a circle 120 feet in diameter!

IMG_3673edit IMG_3697edit

And here he is again napping…

He is resting in an area where two circles overlap


Til’ tomorrow!

The Mowing Madams


Today we purchased sheers to help us cut through the tall grasses, a welcomed addition.
shears edit IMG_3779edit

Many people, from school children to older couples stopped to talk with us, photograph and play on our site!

IMG_0880edit IMG_0881editIMG_3806edit mow playedit

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