“Baltimore Water Works” on the Jones Falls wins ASLA student honor award 2011

ParadoXcity studio Baltimore project of Susanne Matthew and Maggie Hansen wins international student design award at ASLA in San Diego.

Baltimore Water Works utilizes the unique resilience of river delta ecosystems to create a hybridized landscape infrastructure that unites ecological health with urban vitality. This adaptive framework, designed for Baltimore’s Jones Falls River corridor, employs the functional river ecology to reinvigorate abandoned and economically depressed areas within the city’s core, and to create a model for stability that allows urban density to both contract and expand.

Published by: paradoXcity

Jorg Sieweke practices as a licensed as landscape architect and urban designer in Berlin. He founded and directs the design-research initiative paradoXcity since 2009. He held professorships at University of Virginia and was Visiting Professor at RWTH Aachen and HCU Hamburg in Germany. In 2015 he was resident fellow at Villa Massimo - the German Academy in Rome. His award winning firm challenges convention of practice in landscape architecture to establish its own trajectory of a landscape & urbanism. With his PhD. (2015) he interrogates the implicit knowledge production in the design process.

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