Glimmer: Design Thinking Mash Up, Feb 22-23, 2011

Design Thinking Mash UP –  Feb 22 & 23, 2011 with GLIMMER author Warren Berger

don’t be cool //  ask stupid questions // begin anywhere // make hope visible Bruce Mau illustrates how these and other such principles can provide the means for finding hope in these anxious times.

“Design Thinking” is a way of thinking across disciplines to solve problems and suggest fresh answers to difficult business, social or personal challenges. The Symposium is conceived to help explore a possible curriculum in Design Thinking intended to center in the School of Architecture while accessing classes and disciplines from across UVa Grounds .   The first panel features creativity as a working process; the second, ways of addressing creativity, research and innovation in the University environment, and the third, a participatory exercise in Design Thinking, led by some of  most creative local young minds.

Panel I : Tuesday, Feb 22:  6:30 – 8:00 PM (Campbell 153)

“Chance, Indeterminacy & the Creative Process,”
Moderator: Prof. William Sherman (SARC)
with Bill T. Jones, choreographer and Warren Berger, author – Glimmer with UVa faculty:
Ted Coffey (Music), Michael Rasbury (Drama), Howard Singerman (Art History), Lydia Moyer (Studio Art)

Panel II:  Wednesday, Feb 23: 12 Noon – 1:30 PM (Campbell 153)

“How Design can transform your life and maybe the world”
Moderator:  Kim Tanzer, Dean School of Architecture
Visitor:  Warren Berger, author – Glimmer with UVa faculty: Jeanne Liedtka (Darden School), Cassandra Fraser (Chemistry), Jorg Sieweke (SARC), Phoebe Crisman (SARC), Robyn Dripps- (SARC) a conversation on ways of researching, teaching and experiencing the processes of Design Thinking across Grounds.

Notes on Panel III: Wednesday, Feb 23:  6:30 – 8:00 PM (CCDC) “Innovation, Collaboration”
Moderator – George Sampson with Marie Schacht, Zachary Wheat, Debra Weiss, Sian Richards, Jeff Gunther staged as an inter-active, participatory game of creativity and Design Thinking.


Published by: paradoXcity

Jorg Sieweke is licensed as landscape architect and urban designer in Berlin. He founded and directs the design-research initiative paradoXcity in 2010. He held professorships at University of Virginia and Visiting professor at RWTH Aachen and HCU Hamburg in Germany. He was fellow at Villa Massimo the German academy in Rome in 2015. His award winning firm challenges convention of practice in landscape architecture to establish its own trajectory of a landscape & urbanism. His PhD reflects the paradigm.

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