Project awarded by the dutch prince

Three UVa projects awarded in the Netherlands.

David Wooden wins the international Delta Competition 2010 he will present his design strategy titled the bid leak on the Orleans Outfall Canal at the Conference “Delta Cities in Climate Change” in Rotterdam September 28th. Congrats, David!

response to an leaking environment
The BIG LEAK addresses the Crescent City’s land subsidence crisis, proposing an adaptable stormwater conveyance system that modulates the ground in order to allow for varying infiltration conditions. Replacement of the existing underground system with parametrically derived surface canals would act as an ex-filtrating infrastructure for strategically recharging NOLA’s water table. Intentional ‘leaking’ results in an addition to, rather than a subtraction from the city’s water table.

Paradoxcity studio //New Orleans Fall 09

Two more projects are awarded in the Delta Competition 2010 and are published.

Lower 9th Ward urban wetland typology

Transformative Shit –  Andrea Parker, Julia Price

Projects investigates a decentralized infrastructure system for the lower ninth ward.

Adaptive strategies to the urban metabolism of a shrinking and sinking city.

Paradoxcity studio //New Orleans Fall 09

Baltimore Water Works – Maggie Hansen, Suzanne Mathew

Reconsidering Public infrastructure in Baltimore along the Jones Falls.

Paradoxcity studio// Baltimore Spring 10

Published by: paradoXcity

Jorg Sieweke practices as a licensed landscape architect and urban designer in Berlin. Since 2009, he directs the design-research initiative paradoXcity. In 2020 he started a position as Associate Professor to conceive and conduct a new master program in "Landscape architecture for global sustainability" at Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU), located at the Oslo Fjord. Before he held professorships at University of Virginia and was Visiting Professor at RWTH Aachen and HCU Hamburg in Germany. In 2015 he was resident fellow at Villa Massimo - the German Academy in Rome. ParadoXcity challenges convention of practice in landscape architecture to establish its own trajectory of a landscape & urbanism. With his PhD. (2015) he interrogates the implicit knowledge production in the design process.

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